About Us

Cranes is a family run music store, originally founded in 1851 originally as a piano specialist. We pride ourselves on customer service and our attention to detail and in our flagship Swansea store you will find an extensive and breath-taking collection of guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and folk instruments...

We were the first UK dealer to import Gibson Custom Shop and while we deal with a huge range of manufacturers, our vintage and pre-owned department hosts some of the most exotic and collectable instruments to be seen under one roof. From a vintage Telecaster to discontinued gems, you’ll find obscure pieces from us for sure - from guitars and amplifiers to effects pedals and studio gear.

Cranes has been a great pit stop for many a touring and local musician over the years, from The Stereophonics to the Manic Street Preachers, Motörhead and Slipknot to Michael Angelo and Arctic Monkeys.

If you are new to music we will do our best to help you succeed by offering a well set up instrument alongside friendly, clear and helpful advice from experienced staff. We also offer a free first lesson in our highly acclaimed in-store music school.

We specialise in some of the highest quality products in the country, from the sale of the guitar to its maintenance in our fully equipped workshop, undertaking service and repair for professionals and hobbyist players alike.

Customer service is paramount at Cranes. We are constantly striving to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. Since 1851, we have worked in conjunction with the best manufacturers and suppliers.

Above all else, we want you to succeed and develop with your instrument and to have total satisfaction with the quality and tone of what we sell to you.

Cranes music store Cardiff

Meet The Team

Lee Cranes Music Store

Lee Jones

General Manager; Fender, Vintage and Pre-Owned gear.

A veteran of musical instrument retail, Lee has played in bands and worked in the industry for the last twenty years. Aside from bringing this experience to bear keeping the Swansea team in check, he has a passion for production and engineering – even building his own all-analogue studio – and still finds the time to write and play with his band, GOLDENKiLLS.

Favourite guitar: His trusty ‘70s Fender Telecaster.

Favourite album: Raw Power by The Stooges.

Chris Cranes Music

Chris Capel

Supervisor; Folk Instrument Specialist.

Our in store troubadour, Chris is a returning staff member, unable to escape. He’s our ‘go to’ guy for all things on the folk-ier, more acoustic side. A traditional songwriter at heart, Chris can be regularly found playing shows all across the UK and supporting local songwriters. He’s also a keen surfer and skater with a love of vintage boards.

Favourite guitar: Gibson J-200.

Favourite song: Gold by Spandau Ballet.

Dan Swansea

Dan Morgan

Gibson, Orange and Martin Specialist.

A number of years ago, our prize Saturday Boy turned into a fully-fledged Cranes Music sales assistant. Our house leftie with a penchant for Gibsons and all things alcoholic.

Favoured piece of gear: 1977 Marshall JMP head. Nom.

Favourite drink: ‘Bow and Black.

Phil Cranes Music Store

Phil Brookes

Social Media Geek.

Phil enjoys the finer things in life - like filming music videos in our demo room and writing blogs for our website. He’s composed soundtracks for award winning films and has been interviewed for a book about it recently which, just to warn you, he might try and sell to you whilst you’re in-store. When he’s not in Cranes, he plays in his band Brookes, does some teaching and has an unhealthy obsession with pro wrestling.

Favourite guitar:At the moment it’s the G&L USA ASAT Classic Black Frost.

Favourite album:Anything by Prince between 1979-1989.