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    Unbelievably the Gibson Explorer has been around for almost 60 years!  It came into the world in 1958 as a triplet, created with its siblings - the famous Flying V (which was released in the same year) and the mysterious Moderne (that wasn’t released until 1982).  Living up to its name, the Explorer has been used to explore many different genres, going through the hands of country, blues, pop, rock and heavy metal guitarists.  My first sighting was being shredded by James Hetfield of Metallica, playing his 1984 “More Beer” Explorer.  He famously fell in love with the Explorer after the neck on his Flying V copy snapped, finding the shape, sound and durability to really suit his style of playing.  Since then, it didn’t surprise me to see many famous rock and metal musicians from Dave Grohl to Matt Heavy playing the American made rock-machine.  As I got older and expanded my tastes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the likes of Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, T…

  • An Interview with Hark

    In the 1990s, multi-talented James 'Jimbob' Isaac began a very important part of his musical journey when forming the epic juggernaut of a band, Taint. He then spent the following years applying unwavering hard work and dedication to his artistry both musically and graphically (Jimbob is also a very accomplished graphic designer). Hark formed in 2012 and released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Crystalline’, which they supported by touring relentlessly throughout Europe. With the evolution of their line-up and subsequently the dynamics of their intoxicatingly thunderous sound, we felt it was our duty as fellow South Wales natives to catch up with Jimbob as Hark were on the eve of releasing their widely praised second album 'Machinations'.

    What was the first guitar you owned and what guitars do currently enjoy playing?

    JB: I'm currently favouring my Gibson SG (1995, black, standard), with my First Act Custom Shop Lola as back up. There's an ama…

  • An Interview with Killswitch Engage

    Coming from the melting pot of Massachusetts Metal and Hardcore in the late 90’s, Killswitch Engage started out as a supergroup of local musicians with a passion and drive to create their unmistakable sound. It’s a powerful, tight, uncompromising heaviness born from the Heavy Metal that proceeded it, seasoned with incredible passages of melodic relief.  It was a sound labelled as The New Wave of American Heavy Metal or Metalcore.

    Fast forward seventeen years, seven albums, countless world tours, millions of record sales and Killswitch Engage have become one of the most influential bands in modern Heavy Metal.  They continue to create incredibly relevant, influential music and whilst photographing/talking to them at the Newport Centre show recently, it was evident why.  After all of this success, they still have an energy and a passion for their music, keeping them amazingly humble and hungry to create and perform.  I had the pleasure of interviewing two …

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