New Arrivals | Blackstar HT Effects Pedals | Pt.1

We have just acquired a great treasure trove of classic and contemporary fx pedals! In this two part special, we'll be chronicling the collection of the valve driven HT BlackStar FX that have just arrived in-store.

If you were wondering what the HT stood for, it's High Tension voltage. HT is used in traditional amplification, giving the circuit the headroom of true valve design, cleaning up the signal efficiently, operating at 300 V HT. An amazing note worthy aspect of these HT pedals is the silent switching between settings. A mechanical switch moves physical contacts into place creating that noise of mechanical movement. Blackstar heavily researched this matter to create their soft switching and buffered bypass signals, giving absolutely silent switching in high gain applications. So for part one, let's briefly break down the Blackstar HT-Delay and HT-Distortion we now have in-store.



Freddie Mercury once asked "who wants to live forever?" - As much as The Highlander stated "There can be only one", this HT-Delay is proof that your sound has eight ways of doing so! That's right, eight different delays in just one sleek looking pedal.  So if you want vintage, it's got multi-head tape delays and classic analogue, giving you that unmistakable delay that only valve can offer.  If that wasn't enough, it's offering of linear full bandwidth effects and two loop modes makes this pedal a wrecking ball of endless possibilities. When you have set the pedal to your desired setting, a great example of it's dexterity is when you can throw in real valve harmonics and compression using the one of a kind saturation control.

I love the tap/loop modes in this pedal because, I have to admit, I'm a huge looper.  That may sound like I'm saying in some round about way I'm utterly insane (which could be the case) but what I really mean is, I'm a huge fan of looping a phrase of music and playing with myself over it.  This is starting to sound even more confusing, so I'll stop talking about my love of looping and the fact that this pedal incorporates a triggered, one-shot/loop playback function that records what you're playing! Depending on your desired function, this will either replay the recording once or loop a whole phrase that you have played. Then there's a second loop mode, overdubbing to loop a recorded sound.  This is why it's probably my favourite of the HT range.



If you're looking for your own sound, the one you might imagine and aspire to hear when you play, (not to get you too excited) but the pretty much infinite options over the tone of the HT-DIST guitar pedal maybe the key to your distorted enlightenment! Through a patented ISF circuit you can create your own sound with high voltage valve design and a dynamic speaker emulated output, making this pedal a distortion dynasty. It's cascaded valve design is just one of the many reasons this sleek looking pedal responds like a valve amp. It's unique enhanced tone controls provide an endless amount of distorted possibilities and the Blackstar emulated output design, has set the bar for pro direct recording, making a once tiresome task of setting your tone to tape a breeze. In fact, it's not just the recording process that benefits from this innovation, the lineout can be fed into a PA, taking your tone to the live arena.

The cherry on this cake is it's ISF (Infinite Shape Feature). This works in tandem with the control of the Tone and makes sure you can pick the exact tone you're after, making this an amazing addition to the creative process.

For the next blog we'll be looking at the HT-BOOST and HT-MODULATION, so until then keep an eye on our website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all of the amazing new arrivals!



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