New Arrivals | Blackstar HT Effects Pedals | Pt.2

Welcome to part two of the Blackstar edition of our "New Arrivals" blog!  If you remember, we have just acquired a great treasure trove of classic and contemporary fx pedals and in this two part special, we'll be chronicling the collection of the valve driven HT BlackStar FX that have just arrived in-store.  So for part two, let's briefly break down the Blackstar HT-BOOST and HT-MODULATION we now have in Cranes.



The power of two extra hot valve stages added to your amp? You may have come across other battery powered pedals that have boasted (or boosted.. sorry, I couldn't help myself) something similar, but they've probably cut at your dynamics and tone. That's why adding the purely valve HT-Boost to your set-up gives you a pedal that's designed to drive your valve amp hard! It has a 'Boost' knob designed to control the amount of gain given to the guitar's signal, with lower levels that offer a boosted clean tone, making your amplifier sound more dynamic and full. Upon increasing the Boost, that's when the overdrive kicks in and the distortion that comes from this pedal is full of valve harmonics and compression.

Another amazing feature to this pedal is it's tone circuit, known as 'cut and boost'. As you'd expect, this allows the user to reduce a range of frequencies (cut) or increase them (boost), giving you even more control over your tone! 'Control' must be the word of the day, as more is offered with the option of low and high outputs. The high output is created to be connected to the input of an all-valve amplifier, giving you a range of dynamics unseen in any other booster pedals. The low output then goes into the input of other fx pedals or a solid state amplifier.


The last pedal I'm looking at for this blog is the HT-Modulation. Basically, if you want all of the melodic quality of a classic vintage fx pedal, then the HT-Modulation brings you that in spades! The dynamics are all there, from the subtle sound of a tremolo to an awe-inspiring, all powerful flange - this pedal is sure to excite even the most seasoned fx enthusiasts.

A Slow/Fast feature gives you the impressive option of adjusting the time in 8 modulation settings, whilst you're playing through the pedal. All together settings-wise, we have Flanger, Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Vintage Chorus 1, Vintage Chorus 2, Muti-Chorus, Tremolo and Rotary to choose from, giving you a plethora of conditions in which to place your sound.

As usual, you can count on the Blackstar pedals to have unique features and this time on the HT Modulation, they include the Speed control, Feedback control and the control of Saturation, that lets you incorporate real valve compression and harmonics into your sound, giving you another truly unique, beautiful sounding, powerful valve fx pedal.

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