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    Fender 1979 USA Stratocaster Transparent Crimson (Pre-Owned)

    Fender 1979 USA Stratocaster Transparent Crimson (Pre-Owned)

    Regular Price: £1,850.00

    Special Price £1,299.00

    A vintage Fender USA 1979 Stratocaster in a remarkable crimson-ish Transparent Red with the classic SSS pickup configuration, this Strat is not only comfortable to play but still upholds its versatility and wonderful sound.

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  2. Fender Custom Shop 1960 Telecaster Relic Sunburst (Pre-Owned)


    This beautiful 1960 Relic Telecaster has been custom built by Fender's finest craftsmen to bring you years of playing enjoyment!

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  3. Fender Custom Shop 2004 '51 Nocaster Thinline NOS Blonde (Pre-Owned)


    This 10 year old, 2004 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Thinline looks like it has just left the workshop after a final loving wipe with a genuine Fender duster. It is absolutely perfect and quite literally NOS!

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  4. Fender Custom Shop Ltd Edition 1960 Telecaster Custom Relic (Pre-Owned)


    The Fender Custom Shop Time Machine Series of instruments reflect the passion and dedication of the entire Fender Custom Shop staff. Each instrument in this series has been exhaustively researched so that every detail could be replicated. Some of the details include original tooling holes, truss rod materials and construction, body contours, neck shape, fingerboard radius, pickups, electronics and hardware.

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  5. Fender FSR American Vintage '72 Custom Telecaster Natural (Pre-Owned)


    Fender's American Vintage '72 Telecaster Custom guitar authentically evokes a historic member of the Telecaster family. Period-correct early-'70s details include a three-bolt neck plate with Micro-Tilt adjustment, bullet truss rod nut and vintage-style "F" tuners; with touches including a Fender Wide Range humbucking neck pickup redesigned and re-voiced to sound even more like a 1970s pickup. Features include an alder body with gloss lacquer finish, "C"-shaped maple neck with gloss lacquer finish, Rosewood fingerboard with 7.25" radius and 21 vintage-style frets, American Vintage single-coil Telecaster bridge pickup, three-position switch with aged white tip; vintage-style three-saddle strings-through-body Telecaster bridge; skirted amp control knobs and chrome hardware.

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  6. Fender MIJ JD Telecaster Trans. Red Modded (Pre-Owned)


    From the golden age of FujiGen craftsmanship this gorgeous, highly sought after Jerry Donahue Telecaster was expertly built for Fender - The JD has a desirable light-weight feel, amazing response and precision built with gorgeous aesthetics. The bridge pickup gives you the classic Tele sound and definitive personality when you have the privilege of playing it!

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  7. Fender Squier 1994 Mexican Stratocaster Cream (Pre-Owned)


    This classic, beautiful Fender Squier is a Mexican made guitar, built in 1994. It's maple fingerboard is a joy to play, whilst it's three single coil pickups, give it the amazing signature sound we know and love!

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  8. Fender USA Standard Telecaster Customised 1997/1998 (Pre-Owned)


    This Customised USA Fender Standard Telecaster is dated to be from 1997-1998. It has a magnificent Alder body, that teamed with it's coil tapped, modified bridge humbucker, gives this a gorgeous, classic Telecaster sound that has become legendary.

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